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I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was 6 years old. I would spend countless hours playing school and creating lessons for my sisters. This desire never waivered. 


After high school I attended Lubbock Christian university where I received my bachelors in 2005. I also received my masters in Educational Leadership in 2016. 


My experience includes teaching 4th and 5th grade math for 8 years. From there I have experiences as an elementary and middle school math interventionist, instructional coach, assistant principal, and district math coach. I have also taught 3rd grade math and I am currently a 6th grade math teacher. 

In my experience with teaching multiple grade levels, I have had the privilege to see how skills and standards build on top of each other from one grade level to the next. This not only has made me a better math teacher but it has also made me more equipped to help students go through the problem solving process. This has allowed me to develop the problem solving process Define, Explore, Solve and various other problem solving strategies. The purpose of this website is to share those strategies with you! 



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My family and I live in Texas. I am married to the talented teacher and photographer David Erickson. We have two boys Jacob and Jase. Jacob is my fearless adventure seeking oldest. If there is something to flip off he is going to do it. He is also kind and gentle hearted. If you need a friend he is there. Jase is our youngest son. He is insanely creative. This mama’s heart just knows he is  going to do something great in the arts. He also has a huge love for all animals. Especially wolves and huskies. As for myself, I enjoy long walks on the beach. Just kidding. I love long distance running, mud runs, and participating in pretty much any sport.  As a family we love going to the lake. We love to jet ski, wakeboard, and water ski.

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