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This is the digital version of the 40 Dice, Card, and Domino games! You will receive 40 games to help your students quickly review skills taught in class. The print book can be found on Amazon. The activities range from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. decimals. fractions, divisibility rules, exponents, and so much more. There are games appropriate for grades 2nd- 6th grade! Each game comes with instructions and a gameboard to be able to implement immediately and are great for centers!

Games Included in this download:

Make 13, 14, 15

Equivalent Fractions

What's Your Equation?

What's the Remainder?

Multiplication Facts

Operation Roll

Money Build

Comparing Decimals

Order of Operations

Comparing Numbers



Make Zero

Divisibility Rules

Division Equation

Equal Difference

Equal Sum

Roll an Array

Expanded Form

Race to 100

Comparing Fractions

Comparing Sums

Comparing Products

Coordinate Plane

Closest to 100

Equal Sum

Equal Difference

Race to 1000

Slap Down

Biggest & Smallest

Roll a Dollar

Make 10 Pyramid

Add/Subtract Pyramid

Even/Odd Pyramid

Even and Odd

Sum to 20

Fact Family Roll

Factor Flip

Addition Flip

10s & 1s

Skip Counting

Digital Book: 40 Dice, Card, and Domino Games

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